Letters of Evaluation

Evaluation letters may be accessed through the office of Dr. Karen Friedlen, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.

Evaluation letters have been requested from the following people:


  • Kathleen Dougherty, Dean of the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

English Department

  • Ann Angel, Outgoing Director of the Graduate Program in English and Professor of English
  • Linda Barrington, Co-Adviser of Arches
  • Debra Brenegan, Incoming Director of the Graduate Program in English and Associate Professor of English
  • Andrea Hilkovitz, Former Assistant Professor of English
  • Paula Reiter, Associate Professor of English
  • Lisa Terasa, Director of the Composition Program


  • Colleen Conway, Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Curriculum Committee, which I served on as a member during the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years.
  • Krista Moore, Associate Professor of Sociology and past Chair of the Promotion & Tenure Committee, which I served on as an alternate during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Arches StAFF

The following students were asked to complete evaluations of my work as a faculty adviser of a student organization. (However, some had recently graduated, so I am not sure if they had access to their Mount Mary email accounts.)

  • Nhung Nguyen, current editor-in-chief
  • Brittany Seemuth, former editor-in-chief
  • Shannon Venegas, former managing editor
  • Sophie Beck, former art director
  • Megan Ivanyos, former website manager
  • Erica Chang, incoming website manager
  • Dennisse Hernandez, incoming art director


The following students have been asked to evaluate my work as a faculty adviser:

  • Emily Chapman
  • Hayley Hove
  • Brittany Seemuth
  • Suzanne Skalmoski