Teaching Materials

Links to course syllabi and supplemental materials are below. I have not included every single assignment sheet, exam or handout – rather, this is a sample of my teaching materials, so you may see the scope of my courses and general expectations of students.

Supplementary teaching materials for each course are included under the relevant course/semester. However, supplementary teaching materials for Arches is in its own section; because I teach Arches every semester, I wanted to avoid redundancies and excessive materials. The Arches syllabi are included under the relevant semesters.

Summer 2016

ENG 732: Special Studies in Professional Writing – Blogging for Writers

Spring 2016

ENG 258/358: Arches

ENG 325: Advanced Writing for New Media

Fall 2015

ENG 258/358: Arches

ENG 485: Capstone

ENG 218: Writing for Print & Web

Spring 2015

ENG 258/358: Arches

ENG 750: Graduate Thesis

ENG 751: Graduate Thesis (Continued)

Fall 2014

ENG 258/358: Arches

ENG 751: Graduate Thesis

Spring 2014

ENG 258/358: Arches

ENG 318: Editing, Style & Design

ENG 750: Graduate Thesis

Fall 2013

ENG 258/358: Arches

ENG 125: Introduction to New Media Writing

ENG 218: Writing for Print & Web

Arches Supplemental Teaching Materials – Fall 2013 to Spring 2016

General Arches Materials:


Arches utilizes an online project management system called Basecamp. This is where much of the communication among staff members occurs. We also use Basecamp to post and edit stories, access the calendar of weekly deadlines and training sessions, upload files, and post questions/updates.

I have created a general login and password so members of the Promotion & Tenure Committee may access Basecamp to view how it is used as a pedagogical tool. I have given you access to one project, the spring 2016 issue. To access Basecamp, go to https://arches.basecamphq.com/login and enter the following username and password:

  • Username: mmu-englishdepartment@mtmary.edu
  • Password: EnglishDept

Once you log in, click on the Spring 2016 Arches Issue link in the right sidebar.